10 Beautiful Sky Garden With Enchanting Landscape Enchantment

As you might imagine, building your own sky garden is not as easy as planting shrubs on the ground, but with good research, planning, and determination, such projects can substantially improve your lifestyle. If you are ready to embark on this enchanting adventure, the photos below will inspire you to decide on the whole new garden design.

Beautiful Sky Garden With Enchanting Landscape Enchantment
Beautiful Sky Garden With Enchanting Landscape Enchantment

Do you live in a multi-story house without many front pages left? No problem! Simply present the sky garden at the top of the house in a creative way and design. Sky garden is not only for cafe businesses or for multi-story luxury homes. The concept of a private garden can still be arranged for the charm of a rooftop garden with a dream view.

Wooden Deck for Modern Sky Garden

The selected material can be the beginning of the sky garden which is full of potential. Aesthetics of natural materials such as wood will blend beautifully with a small garden on a private roof garden at home. Modern design on the inspiration of the sky garden is quite simple and not complicated. With the installation of a wooden deck on the flooring and the addition of sitting chairs, wood elements are the main key to this stylish sky garden.

Modern Sky Garden Ideas
Modern Sky Garden Ideas – Source: idesignarch.com
Modern Sky Garden Design
Modern Sky Garden Design – Source: 247bb.info

Cheerful Touch of Color in the Roof Garden

The roof garden will look more stylish with different textures and colors. The inspiration for this one sky garden appears more homey with a choice of contrasting furniture. Coupled with the greenery of plants, the use of color will be ideal to make the atmosphere more alive and not feel dry. The simple sky garden design is also lifted with the addition of these stylish chairs.

Bright Rooftop Garden Design
Bright Rooftop Garden Design – Source: homedezign.net
Bright Rooftop Garden ideas
Bright Rooftop Garden ideas – Source: theydesign.net

Lighting for the Perfect Sky Garden

For a more enchanting night view, the installation of lighting spots is the key to the perfect sky garden. The lighting game on the roof garden inspiration above appears in several ways ranging from lights on the flooring, incandescent lights to plants, and also mini-lighting decorations that make the atmosphere even more romantic. The view in the private sky garden is increasingly felt with a warm atmosphere.

Beautiful Lighting Sky Garden Ideas
Beautiful Lighting Sky Garden Ideas – Source: ketoneultras.com
SKy Garden Lighting ideas
SKy Garden Lighting ideas – Source: thebangups.com

Simple Multipurpose Lounge

Eliminate the perception that the sky garden must appear completely exclusive and luxurious. This one roof garden inspiration proves that a balcony or terrace upstairs can be the simplest but most effective lounge Forget the rigid furniture and replace it with a comfortable hammock. By presenting varied plant pots and relaxing furniture, you can have the sky garden to release your mind every time.

Simple Longue Garden Ideas
Simple Longue Garden Ideas – Source: encompassco.com
Simple Longue Garden Design
Simple Longue Garden Design – Source: pinterest.ru

Minimalist Roof Garden All Nice

To realize the private sky garden, do not always be fixated on luxurious designs and have been achieved. Some of the best roof gardens at home often carry a minimalist theme which means that it does not require expensive wood flooring, the number of plants that are all over, or exclusive lighting decorations. Try for a simple thing with a minimalist style, for example by choosing rattan furniture, small tables, and standard lighting to get started.

Minimalist Rooftop Garden Ideas
Minimalist Rooftop Garden Ideas – Source: youtube.com
Minimalist Rooftop Garden
Minimalist Rooftop Garden – Source: jeemain.co

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