10 Best Ceramic Floor Tile Ideas For Your Modern Home Decoration

Ceramics is a very popular coating material. In addition to its economical price and relatively practical installation process, ceramics also consist of various kinds of motifs that are ready to change the nuances of the home interior no longer boring.

Best Ceramic Floor Tile Ideas For Your Modern Home Decoration
Best Ceramic Floor Tile Ideas For Your Modern Home Decoration

Confused by determining the ceramic floor motif that is right for your home? On this occasion, we will share the inspiration of the ceramic floor motif that you can use to refresh the look of your modern home interior.

Geometric Style Floor Ceramics

The minimalist concept room does give a modern and clean impression. However, you can change it so that it doesn’t seem boring by applying geometric patterned floor tiles. There is no need in the whole room, you can install this one-sided ceramic motif in a particular section as the center of attention for your home.

Geometric Style Ceramic Design Ideas
Geometric Style Ceramic Design Ideas – Source: casa1- Source: zementfliesen.de
Geometric Style Ceramic Ideas
Geometric Style Ceramic Ideas – Source: greenlineitalia.com


Classic Floor Ceramic Design

The floor ceramic motif can affect the mood of the root user. In addition to ceramic floor motifs with various patterns, you can apply classic ceramic motifs that can enliven the atmosphere.

Classic Style Ceramics Design
Classic Style Ceramics Design – Source: keramoteka.ru
Classic Style Ceramics Ideas
Classic Style Ceramics Ideas – Source: premium- Source: interior.ru


Wood Floor Ceramic Ideas

You can use wood ceramic motifs that can both provide natural nuances to the room like the use of real wood and can warm the atmosphere so that gathering activities in the room become more enjoyable.

Wood Floor Ceramics Ideas
Wood Floor Ceramics Ideas – Source: poppingtonart.com
Wood Floor Ceramics Design Ideas
Wood Floor Ceramics Design Ideas – Source: solustilestudio.com


Monochrome Floor Ceramics Ideas

If you are bored with the use of one-color floor tiles, you can combine monochromatic styles to give a more vibrant impression. You can arrange the pattern of the ceramic floor like a chessboard and combine it with the right color of the lamp so that it enhances the appearance of your residential interior.

Monochrome Ceramics Floor Ideas
Monochrome Ceramics Floor Ideas – Source: daneville.me
Monochrome Ceramics Floor Design
Monochrome Ceramics Floor Design – Source: cfcpoland.com


Hexagon Floor Ceramic Motif

To bring an artistic impression to the room, you can choose the hexagon floor motif that is classified as anti-mainstream. Suitable applied to minimalist or industrial-style dwellings, this one-floor ceramic motif will make your dwelling look more unique, dynamic and contemporary.

Hexagon Ceramic Motif Ideas
Hexagon Ceramic Motif Ideas – Source: ceramictilecenter.ru
Hexagon Ceramics Floor Ideas
Hexagon Ceramics Floor Ideas – Source: modernplace.ru

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