12 Marvelous Contemporary Living Room Stair Style Ideas

Are you planning to build a multi-story house? One very important feature in building multi-story houses is stairs. Not only do you have to pay attention to the ladder foundation that is good for your home, but you also have to adjust the design to the overall existing interior design concept.


Marvelous Contemporary Living Room Stair Style Ideas

For building houses that are more than one level, you automatically have to consider the model of the housing ladder that is most suitable. Along with the development of design and interior trends, home staircase models are also increasingly attractive, unique and all-creative. It’s time to make the house ladder model a place for creativity for a family.

Minimalist Contemporary Stairs

The design of a luxury home staircase is one of the most common staircase designs that can be found in homes or luxury apartments. A distinctive feature of the design of this luxury house ladder is the fence using glass material. While the material used in the design of the handle or stair railing and steps is oak wood material so it is not slippery.

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Modern Stairs with Industrial Style

If you want to give an industrial touch to the design of your house, then you can try applying it to the design of the stairs. The staircase of a luxury house with an industrialist concept uses iron material on the railing to cover the stairs.

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Luxury Floating Stairs

Luxury house ladder model with the concept of floating stairs including floating stairs with hanging railings, floating stairs with massive railings, and floating stairs without railings or better known as cantilevered stairs.

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Spiral Ladder Design

Stairs of luxury homes with a spiral concept can give a different aesthetic effect on your homeroom. As in the staircase of a luxury house that is spiral in shape with a baluster (stair railing) and risers with glass material.

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Classic Style Stair Ideas

This classic style staircase design actually looks worn and boring. In fact, nowadays people have abandoned the classic stair model and prefer to use a minimalist modern staircase model.

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Artistic Home Stairs Design

The concept of this unique staircase is continuity and intensification from a simple graph so as to bring the atmosphere to life. Angles and stairwells use separation and bifurcation techniques from the wall, so they appear like visual illusions that are second to none.

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