30 Amazing Apartment Kitchen Design Ideas

The smaller size of the occupancy makes the size of each space to be very limited, including the kitchen. Therefore, residents also need to work around this appropriately. Especially for those of you who live in apartments whose area tends to be narrower than an ordinary house.

But actually, there is no need for large space to make your kitchen comfortable and eye-catching. Even if it’s small, if you design and arrange it nicely, a beautiful kitchen can be realized. In fact, even on very limited land, you can make a kitchen that has dual or multifunctional functions.

On limited land, the multifunctional concept can also be used to make the kitchen look wider. The multifunctional kitchen is one way to deal with space limitations. Some are integrated into the eating, washing, or even both areas. This way, you can make your small kitchen have many functions: as a place to prepare food, serve it, and eat it. Not only a dining table that can be combined with a kitchen set. Washing and ironing places can also be put together with your kitchen set. The concept of a multifunctional kitchen like this is found in many apartments because of the limited area.

For those of you who are confused about how to design your small kitchen, here we give you some inspiration. Using shelves that are affixed to the kitchen wall is the right way to add storage space. Put some furniture on the shelves. However, don’t forget to always maintain its neatness. White can give the effect of space in your small kitchen. Use white paint for kitchen cabinets and ceramics measuring 20cmx10cm for the backsplash. There are 3 functions in this kitchen, namely cooking, washing, and dining room. Multifunctional kitchen like this is very appropriate to be applied to apartments with limited land.

You can get around a small kitchen using the I-line layout. This layout is used because it doesn’t take up space. You can still use the remaining space for island tables. A small kitchen can also be combined with a dining table. Take advantage of the space under the table as storage for kitchen furniture. Wake up the cabinet until you touch the ceiling. Maximize the available space so that the storage space becomes bigger. The kitchen with L layout can also be used for the design of small kitchens, as long as you don’t get the wrong color selection.

Apartement Kitchen Design 1
Apartment Kitchen Design 1
Apartement Kitchen Design 2
Apartment Kitchen Design 2
Apartement Kitchen Design 3
Apartment Kitchen Design 3
Apartement Kitchen Design 4
Apartment Kitchen Design 4
Apartement Kitchen Design 5
Apartment Kitchen Design 5
Apartement Kitchen Design 6
Apartment Kitchen Design 6
Apartement Kitchen Design 7
Apartment Kitchen Design 7
Apartement Kitchen Design 8
Apartment Kitchen Design 8
Apartement Kitchen Design 9
Apartment Kitchen Design 9
Apartement Kitchen Design 10
Apartment Kitchen Design 10
Apartement Kitchen Design 11
Apartment Kitchen Design 11
Apartement Kitchen Design 12
Apartment Kitchen Design 12
Apartement Kitchen Design 13
Apartment Kitchen Design 13
Apartement Kitchen Design 14
Apartment Kitchen Design 14
Apartement Kitchen Design 15
Apartment Kitchen Design 15
Apartement Kitchen Design 16
Apartment Kitchen Design 16
Apartement Kitchen Design 18
Apartment Kitchen Design 18
Apartement Kitchen Design 19
Apartment Kitchen Design 19
Apartement Kitchen Design 20
Apartment Kitchen Design 20
Apartement Kitchen Design 21
Apartment Kitchen Design 21
Apartement Kitchen Design 22
Apartment Kitchen Design 22
Apartement Kitchen Design 23
Apartment Kitchen Design 23
Apartement Kitchen Design 24
Apartment Kitchen Design 24
Apartement Kitchen Design 25
Apartment Kitchen Design 25
Apartement Kitchen Design 26
Apartment Kitchen Design 26
Apartement Kitchen Design 27
Apartment Kitchen Design 27
Apartement Kitchen Design 28
Apartment Kitchen Design 28
Apartement Kitchen Design 29
Apartment Kitchen Design 29
Apartement Kitchen Design 30
Apartment Kitchen Design 30

Take advantage of all remaining corners as a cabinet or storage room. Keep all the furniture there. The small kitchen also looks neat. The size of a small kitchen also makes you have to take advantage of empty space to the maximum. Don’t leave empty space wasted. Take advantage of every space in the kitchen effectively and maximally. Place kitchen utensils and eating utensils that are often used in easily accessible places. Besides being able to save time, the kitchen will be clean and look neat. This is the discussion of the Apartment Kitchen Design this time. Hopefully, this article can benefit you.

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