5 Marvelous Simple Storage Design For Small Space Ideas at Home

Simple storage design at home you really need to pay attention, do not let your house does not have a storage area. No matter how small your room, you should use it to have a storage area. If a room does not have a storage area, it will definitely mess with the items in the room. Because you do not need to be confused with the limited space in your home. In this article, we provide some inspiration for making storage in a limited or small space.

Whether your home is big or small, we are sure you will like to see the smart ideas we collect from designer professionals how they provide additional space and functions for storing your collection items at home. Space limitations are increasingly becoming a troubling issue at the moment. Trying to offer a solution, the construction of houses with limited land continues to increase. Trends show, houses built in the last few years are generally in the form of small houses that do not take up a lot of lands so that it affects the space in the house.

Below Are Marvelous Simple Storage Design For Small Space Ideas at Home

Easy Simple Bedroom Storage Ideas
If your bedroom is narrow, you can make it like this. Simple storage does not take up much space, so that the bedroom still seems more spacious and comfortable. You will easily put a storage area under your bed.

image source

DIY Simple Storage Design Ideas
Still for you who want the room to remain functional. Apply to create a storage design attached to the wall that has a drawer. Don’t forget, install a hanging rack box on top of it as additional storage.

image source

Best Simple Storage Ideas
Some houses may not have a large enough room. However, the room should remain functional and have sufficient storage shelves. To save space, you can apply a storage rack design that integrates with the wall.

image source

Awesome Kitchen Storage Ideas
For the kitchen you can apply storage like this, with a high cabinet model to reach the kitchen ceiling. So you don’t need to add more cabinets for storage in the kitchen, because that will only make the kitchen more narrow.

image source

Amazing Small Bedroom Storage Ideas
You can apply this design as an alternative storage in the bedroom, in addition to the bed you can also place a work desk. The most important thing is the arrangement that must be in accordance with the concept of your bedroom design, so it does not become a burden in decorating your bedroom.

image source

See a variety of storage ideas that you can apply in your home if the house has limited space, so you can take advantage of the limitations of the room while still making perfect storage.

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