8 Awesome Home Exterior Design Ideas That Look More Unique And Character

How are you planning to envelop your home? Where will your main view look out to, your patio is awash with the smell of, and what will you drive up to the end of each day? These fifty home exteriors show what it means to have a modern-looking façade. Using combinations of timber, plaster, bamboo, glass, and concrete, they shoot straight in large vertical panels, horizontal slither into long levels, and criss-cross with the forest and palm trees in a myriad of natural settings. Pick your favorite from our top fifty exteriors for yourself.

Awesome Home Exterior Design Ideas That Look More Unique And Character
Awesome Home Exterior Design Ideas That Look More Unique And Character

The part of the house that is first seen by people is the front or usually called the facade. Therefore, not a few homeowners who pay attention to the design of this front in detail. Minimalist home front design is one of the designs that are quite popular today. In addition to adding aesthetic value, minimalist home design can also create its own character for the house. Here are some inspirations of a minimalist home design that might be what you want.

Minimalist Home Design With Natural Stone

The minimalist exterior design of the house with natural stone can create natural and exotic characters. The selection of natural stone colors can also affect the character. For example, the design of a minimalist house with black and gray natural stones like this. The character that is created becomes more masculine and strong. When exposed to sunlight, it will definitely get cooler.

Home Exterior With Natural Stone
Home Exterior With Natural Stone – Source: longevitylounge.info
Home Exterior Design With Natural Stone
Home Exterior Design With Natural Stone – Source: manhattanbeachhomeinspector.com

Modern and Luxury Minimalist Home Design

The exterior design of the next minimalist house is very fitting to accentuate the modern and luxurious character. Unlike other inspirations that have been discussed, this design is actually dominated by the large-sized glass for houses that seem open. It looks amazing, but you need to add a pretty curtain so that the privacy of the residents of the house is maintained and still looks cool from the outside.

Modern Home Exterior Ideas
Modern Home Exterior Ideas – Source: hroomy.com
Modern Home Exterior Design
Modern Home Exterior Design – Source: archdaily.pe

Minimalist Home Design With Roof Anti-Mainstream

The exterior design of this house looks like an inverted triangle, unlike the roof of a house in general. This makes the minimalist home design look anti-mainstream. The appearance also becomes more modern because of the use of large windows. Even though the windows are large, you don’t need to worry that someone can peek into the activities inside the house because it can be tricked by using window film.

Minimalist Home Exterior With Roof
Minimalist Home Exterior With Roof – Source: m.yandex.com.tr
Home Exterior Design With Roof
Home Exterior Design With Roof – Source: ophscottsdale.com

Symmetrical Minimalist Home Design

For those who like neatness, the symmetrical minimalist home design is the right choice. The symmetrical minimalist front of the house design means the right and left sides of the house look the same. This can be seen on roofs, windows, doors, pillars, even parks and also paths for walking. In the first example, his house looks minimalist with a medium-sized French garden.

Symmetrical Home Exterior Ideas
Symmetrical Home Exterior Ideas – Source: pinterest.ru
Symmetrical Home Exterior Design
Symmetrical Home Exterior Design – Source: kahode.com

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