8 Bathroom Ventilation Design For Your Bathroom at Home

Bathroom ventilation is an important part that must be considered when you design a place. Especially for bathrooms that produce high-temperature water vapor, air vents function to regulate and expedite the pattern of air circulation so that it adds to your comfort while doing activities in the bathroom.

Not only has an important function, but you should also determine the attractive design on the air vents in the bathroom so that it can be used as a decorative element. For those of you who want to build a bathroom, see the following inspiration.

Window Bathroom Ventilation

This type of bathroom ventilation is permanently installed with a window model. In addition to allowing the bathroom to be fed with natural air, this type of ventilation also provides a large amount of natural lighting into the bathroom making it suitable for use in residential areas in the tropics.

Window Bathroom Ventilations

Window Bathroom Ventilation

Skylight Bathroom Ventilation

Apart from being used for light circulation, skylight bathroom ventilation can also regulate air circulation patterns optimally. With the right installation and use of attractive designs, you can use bathroom ventilation skylights whose settings only allow it to be closed or open.

Skylight Bathroom Ventilation

Skylight Bathroom Ventilation Ideas

Zen Window Bathroom Ventilation

Zen windows also allow light to enter into many bathrooms. In addition, the lattice structure on the ventilation of this bathroom is also capable of filtering dirty air into the room.

Zen Windows Bathroom Ventilation

Zen Windows Bathroom Ventilations

Bathroom Ventilation with Exhaust

Besides using natural bathroom vents, you can also add mechanical ventilation such as the exhaust. This one vent is equipped with an air filter installed above the ceiling, then connected to the center of the air flow stored in the attic.

Exhaust Bathroom Ventilation

Exhaust Bathroom Ventilation Ideas

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