8 Simple Home Industrial Concept Design With Brick Wall Ideas

Nobody says easy and cool maintenance from an industrial-style living room. Open brick walls welcome black and white typography prints, factory windows meet with worn rugs, and iron pipes meet with rough wooden floors to create living spaces that look perfectly put together. Take off your inner nerd by stacking your factory ceiling high with books. Inject the main sofa and the right details, comfortable, and beautiful lights into the room covered in brick walls.

Simple Home Industrial Concept Design With Brick Wall Ideas
Simple Home Industrial Concept Design With Brick Wall Ideas

Take advantage of the best concrete walls possible, with wood and a blackboard. This multi-texture apartment makes it simple by using only brown, gray, black and green in the color palette. The camera lights and wooden runway guide the entrance, while the longer pendant dangles in the kitchen. A wooden sofa and wooden table offer a place to relax, while a newer chest provides an inbuilt seat opposite. The black chalk texture makes the room look worn and torn because TV projectors meet modern needs.

Simple and Natural Home Design

The interior design of this one looks simple and looks very comfortable to be used as the occupancy of the whole family through the dominance of neutral colors combined with large open space that gives the impression of space. In parts of walls and roofs, these houses are beautified with Hebel bricks and exposed concrete, which thickens the industrial feel.

Simple Natural Industrial Design
Simple Natural Industrial Design – cincinnatiques.org
Simple Industrial Home Design
Simple Industrial Home Design – Source: rental-wedding.com

Tiny Room with Simple Industrial Impressions

To create an industrial feel, this room also utilizes exposed concrete material on the floor and roof, while the use of wood material on furnitures such as TV shelves and plant pot placement provides a unique dimension so that the room seems more natural, warm, and friendly.

Tiny Room With Simple Industrial
Tiny Room With Simple Industrial – Source: homify.pk
Tiny Room Industrial Design
Tiny Room Industrial Design – Source: pinterest.ru

The impression of Warm And Comfortable With a Blend of Colors

To create a unique impression, you can combine the use of Hebrew bricks and exposed red bricks on one side of the wall. In addition, the impression of the industry is increasingly thick through the placement of exposed pipelines and aluminum lampshades that look harmonious with the Hebel brick walls.

Industrial Home Design With Colorful Ideas
Industrial Home Design With Colorful Ideas – Source: billielourd.org
Industrial Home Design With Colorful
Industrial Home Design With Colorful – Source: mydecorative.com

Modern Industrial Design

This one room has a masculine appearance through the use of exposed Hebel brick coated with gray paint, as well as cable pipes and air ducts as industrial-style decorations. Not only does it seem very neat and comfortable, but this bedroom also has another uniqueness through placing large wall hangings on the wall as a point of interest and making the room look very dynamic.

Modern Home Industrial Ideas
Modern Home Industrial Ideas – Source: homify.in
Modern Industrial Home Design
Modern Industrial Home Design – Source: all-home-decors.com

Renovate your home with a nod of industrial design, in the bedroom and living room furniture with minimal details with simple materials.

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