9 Awesome Bathroom Ceramics Design Ideas For Inspiration

At present, the existence of the bathroom becomes an important place. Not just cleaning the body, but also relaxing. If you think of giving a new feel to your bathroom, the best advice you can try is to fix your bathroom tiles/ceramics. Choose a design that suits your personality, but is easy to clean.

Awesome Bathroom Ceramics Design Ideas For Inspiration
Awesome Bathroom Ceramics Design Ideas For Inspiration

The function of the bathroom now does not only function for bathing or changing clothes. Many architects, interior designers, and sanitary brands that treat the bathroom as a place of primary relaxation, even beyond the living room. Here are some beautiful and inspiring ceramic designs for you to imitate.

Ceramic Bathroom With Beautiful Pattern

Choosing different tiles on the floor and walls is not a strange thing and, for example, pattern combinations in the bathroom above. The white combination that gives a clean impression and black and white tiles give a unique impression on this minimalist bathroom.

Bathroom Ceramics Pattern
Bathroom Ceramics Pattern – Source: tina4home.com
Bathroom Ceramics Pattern Ideas
Bathroom Ceramics Pattern Ideas – Source: restore.com.tr
Decorative Bathroom Ceramics Pattern
Decorative Bathroom Ceramics Pattern – Source: theromancetroupe.com

White Tiles in the Form of Bricks

This small room decor looks well planned. A little ingenuity is needed to maximize every centimeter of the bathroom, even though it looks magnificent.

White Bathroom Tile Design Ideas
White Bathroom Tile Design Ideas – Source: xplit.ru
White Bathroom Tile Ideas
White Bathroom Tile Ideas – Source: gosiadesign.com

White Bathroom Tiles With Marble Motives

One of the big advantages of tiles is that they can be combined in one and a thousand different ways. The boundary marks your personal taste and the character you want to give to your bathroom.

Bathroom Ideas With Marble
Bathroom Ideas With Marble – Source: galleryhip.com
Wall Tile For Bathroom ideas
Wall Tile For Bathroom ideas – Source: exportersindia.com

Ceramic Bathroom With Florals

Floral mosaics are indeed good, but the combination on the side looks like a contemporary painting, right? With the same charm as traditional tiles, the new trend in ceramics and porcelain retains a bright texture that brings a soft touch to this flower-patterned bathroom.

Floral Ceramic Bathroom
Floral Ceramic Bathroom – Source: home4rt.com
Floral Ceramic Bathroom Ideas
Floral Ceramic Bathroom Ideas – Source: dewdirectory.com

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