8 Extraordinary Front Yard Ideas with Contemporary Home Fence Design

A house seems not good if it is not equipped with a fence. Aside from being a barrier between the house and protecting the house from unwanted guests, the house fence model must also have a neat and beautiful design. Today, the model of home fencing starts in a variety, ranging from the design to the combination of materials used.

Extraordinary Front Yard Ideas with Contemporary Home Fence Design
Extraordinary Front Yard Ideas with Contemporary Home Fence Design

There are many models of house fences with designs that are just like that, aka the mainstream. This time, we will share some of the inspirations of home fence design models that you can make a guide for designing your home fence model. With this design, you will get an amazing fence.

Home Fence Design With Different Distances

The house fence model with a slight distance variation on the fence pattern has several advantages. In addition to providing more privacy, you will still be able to peek at what is happening in front of the house, and vice versa.

Home Fence Design Ideas
Home Fence Design Ideas – Source: pinterest.ru
Home Fence Design
Home Fence Design – Source: bahayofw.com

Color Pallet on the Fence Wall

Some home fence designs also include walls as fence support that stretches horizontally or separates between car fences and guest fences like the house fence model above. In addition to making it easier for guests to go on and on, the guest fence makes it easy for residents of the house to not have to bother opening the big gate every time a guest wants to take a package.

Home Fence Design With Pallet Color
Home Fence Design With Pallet Color – Source: tanyadokter.com
Home Fence Design With Pallet
Home Fence Design With Pallet – Source: floridagolfhomepro.com

Iron Home Fence Design With Box Pattern

In addition to wood fences, home fences can also be made of iron with variations in irregular box designs such as the house fence model above. For the impression of luxury and modernity, choose an iron with shiny black. Of course, your house will look different from the others.

Iron Home Fence Design
Iron Home Fence Design – Source: edenbayleebooks.com
Iron Home Fence Ideas
Iron Home Fence Ideas – Source: harwell-design.squarespace.com

Fence at Home and Park

One of the beautiful houses is also due to the presence of various colorful plants. The model of this one house fence is white and high in shape. At the top, there is a framework for planting. The shape of the boxes on the fence can make it a place for vines and a place on the fence can be used to plant a variety of colorful flowers.

Flower Fence Garden Ideas
Flower Fence Garden Ideas – Source: houzbuzz.com
Home Fence With Flower
Home Fence With Flower – Source: mangeshometeam.com

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