Gorgeous 30 Honed Black Granite Countertop Ideas For Awesome Kitchen

Granite and marble kitchen countertop are most popular in terms of frequently used materials. Both have their own advantages as a maker of countertop, especially in terms of color and model.


Very many models are common and most widely used. Black kitchen table made of granite. The black granite in the kitchen will help the kitchen look elegant and have a high aesthetic. In addition, the kitchen will look neutral and can be combined with a variety of additional furniture.

Marble and granite come from natural rocks that are mined and taken directly then processed and polished to be applied directly to the home. In addition to countertop, in fact this material can also be used for floor coverings and walls in the kitchen. If you plan on having a kitchen table of these materials, then there is no harm in also installing the floor or walls of the same material with different color patterns.

Honed Black Granite Countertops Ideas 300
Honed Black Granite Countertops Ideas 300

Countertop forms vary, there is a rectangular shape and some are installing a square shape. All that depends on the need, but for the size of the kitchen that is not so broad should choose a rectangle to save space with the sink installed in the periphery. Here’s a brilliant idea of Honed Black Granite Countertop for your kitchen:

For those of you who have an energetic young soul, the kitchen table with striking colors is perfect for choice. In addition to showing personality, striking black color can be combined with metal material on cooking utensils or other kitchen furniture.

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