How Easy to Make a Vertical Indoor Garden at Home

The vertical wall garden is something I have long thought of for me to create; I continued to admire their photos online and imagined where I would place them in my own home. I finally bit the bullet and decided to do it. There is more DIY online than I imagined, and it all looks pretty easy for beginners like me to follow.

Create a vertical palette planter to create an adorable indoor garden easily and inexpensively. They will provide enough space to grow vegetation and succulents without taking up much floor space. See how to make it. 

Steps to create an indoor vertical garden that you need to know before you start.

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Define a Theme for the Vertical Garden

Choosing a vertical garden theme should be adjusted to the theme of your home design. There are several vertical garden themes such as classic, modern, traditional, or tropical style.

Determine the Wall to Build a Garden

Start by choosing a wall that is suitable to be transformed into a vertical garden of your dreams. If you have a bad wall but are exposed to sufficient sunlight, then choose that wall.

Choose the Plants You Will Plant

As with gardening, pay attention to the plants that you will be planting, for example, sunlight, a suitable position for irrigation, wind, and air temperature when choosing plants that you will plant in the vertical garden of your dreams. Choose plants that are suitable for resistance to weather and climate.

To Make the Vertical Park Cooler, Make a Frame

This frame is a frame that will support plastic, fabric, and plants. Managing a vertical garden is indeed tricky. So that you don’t bother, measuring the overall frame size precisely and precisely can avoid unwanted problems going forward.

Finally, Create a Good Watering System For Your Garden

The function of drainage is to regulate and absorb excess water so it does not stagnate. A vertical garden needs a good drainage system so that it can flourish. A good drainage system will help plants grow healthy.

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