How to Pick the Best Statement Tapware for Bathroom Transformation

How to Pick the Best Statement Tapware for Bathroom Transformation

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Tile and Bath Co is committed to inspiring you to a great choice of tapware components in your toilet, bathroom, and kitchen. We believe this guide will further help your design choice of the best and most durable item for your home interior. In addition, the process of transforming your bathroom into the most beautiful part of the home is workable only if you know what to do. 

Moreover, you must be ready to put the square pegs in the square hole to produce a perfect outlook and optimum efficiency. You may love to pick a quick update on your bathroom outlook or create an entirely new setup using Meir tapware. Tile and Bath Co brings you a stylish choice of bathroom design as a secret weapon to make an unforgettable statement with your tapware. 

How to Pick the Best Statement Tapware for Bathroom Transformation

Requirements Making a Tapware Statement

Apart from the oversized items such as the bathtubs and the accompanying vanities, you can optimize your tapware choices by identifying the choice items we have in store. Remember that tapware plays a crucial role in both the feel and look of your bathroom. Therefore, your choice of tapware perfects the general design of your home interior.

Moreover, irrespective of the tapware size, it can still bring a lot of beauty and efficiency to the run of things in your bathroom. In addition, it also creates an affordable way to bring up the high-end feel of your bathroom design. In the process of tapware choice, our site provides a simple way to serve as a guide among the various shapes, styles, sizes, and sheen. 

Below are some qualities to consider in the choice of tapware for your bathroom.


Several styles are ranging from rustic to minimalist, vintage, or contemporary choice of tapware designs. The first step to choosing the right tapware is the desired feeling you intend to have with your bathroom each time you walk in. On the other hand, the tapware choice may also depend on the materials that make up the interior design. For instance, you may like to have either a contemporary look or a sleek feeling that adds up to make a modern bathroom. 

To cap it all off, you can easily make a bold statement with your tapware. On the other hand, you may also want to create a relaxing atmosphere such as a spa. Therefore, you need to get a waterfall faucet as a perfect option from the Tile & Bath Co. In addition, the external finish of the tapware could also be either gold or brushed brass. 

These finishes are at the top of the current trend because it also matches a streaky marble. In addition, it fits well for a natural environment or similar while helping you optimize your available space. Moreover, you should carefully select the position of your tapware in picking the style that fits perfectly in place. 


A bigger tapware does not always mean greater efficiency, but it may bring good value in terms of beauty. Moreover, you can add more life to the form and function of your tapware if you know what to go for. But an excellent way to avoid any complication is to ensure to take the correct measurements while shopping for the right tapware. For instance, what is the right size that can sufficiently fit the height and width of your bathtub space?

At the same time, if your bathroom is small, you may want to use wall-mounted tapware that can save you some more space. Although gooseneck style with long necks is also trendy, you can only choose them if there is an extra space to be creative. Moreover, you need to factor in the area for other bathroom items, such as the vanity. Meanwhile, you don’t need any sophisticated instrument to measure the tap base space, and the hand can efficiently work. You can read about How to change your Kitchen Tapware in 8 Simple Steps by clicking here.


When choosing a suitable tapware, the form is as equally important as the function it serves. Apart from the beauty and fitness of the tapware, it must also function both effectively and efficiently. Remember that your bathroom may have some high traffic and use, but it must also add other essential features that could otherwise devalue it.  In addition, you may also have to consider if you have younger children at home or much older people who may only spare one hand. 

Part of your tapware shape is the general style of the bathroom that should influence your choice. For example, if you have a monobloc fixture in the bathroom overview, you may love to add mixer tapware. On the other hand, a less contemporary approach adds a vintage vibe with separate cold and hot water supply spouts. Moreover, you may also choose between hard-edge tapware and square-shaped bathroom tapware.

But the eventual choice of the tapware can also influence your other surfaces, such as the tiles and vanities. The combinations of these blends of items can further ease up space use. Moreover, the tapware designs are strictly available for all desired styles and functionality of the bathroom features. 


Although, no matter the whole idea about tapware, you must also choose the right kind of sheen for your tapware. Moreover, the tapware sheen can be brushed or polite, shiny or matte. The vital part is that you get a classy choice that fits your desire. Similarly, the chrome fixtures have a great way to enhance your bathroom surfaces’ looks, warmth, and texture. 

Meanwhile, making a tapware statement may also mean that you understand where your choice tapware should be. On entry into the bathroom, you can instantly make an impression that is hard to forget. Moreover, you can mix the matte with glossy finishes, such as polished tiles with matte tapware. This combination is an excellent way to add a bit of subtle texture.

How to Pick the Best Statement Tapware for Bathroom Transformation


We believe that you now have the right resources and help upgrade your choice and make a bold tapware statement. At the same time, the combination of new tapware models from the Tile and Bath Co store is an excellent place to start. Check out our collection to find the tapware that meets your desire and interest.